What are you doing for your loved one?

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to celebrate their love. For some, it’s a day to buy each other gifts. For others, it’s a day to spend time together. It all depends on what the couple enjoys!

Although there are lots of different reasons for celebrating Valentine’s Day, this article is here to help you:

Being photographed together on Valentine’s Day is a exciting and wonderful gift! Let’s help you out! Get comfortable! Bring the right outfits! Get ready to be photographed!

Ask yourself some questions:

  • What type of day will I want to be photographed?
  • Do I have the right accessories for my partner? And for me?
  • Do I have the right outfit for my partner? And for myself?
  • Do I want to do a photo on a bed? At home? Inside?
  • Do I want to take a photo at a restaurant? Celebrating?
  • Do I want to hang out at a park? Enjoying nature?
  • Do I want to be photographed with my partner at a place where they go often?
  • Will my partner like the idea of us both being photographed? If not, let us deal with it, we open people’s souls and they get relaxed in front of our camera! That’s our gift!

If you find your answers to the questions above, you’re ready to contact us for a photoshoot!

We can help you find the right outfit, accessories, and location! We also get to help choose a story for your photo. Why don’t you try our service for Valentine’s Day?

Think about what his/hers favorite thing is. Think about where they go. Think about who they are with most often. Then think about yourself. Think about your own interests. Think about what you enjoy doing. Think about where you go. Think about who you are with most often. Mix and shake!

As a result, we will be able to create the perfect formula for your photo shoot! And you’ll get gorgeous compliments from your loved one.

And in case you are wondering «Is this the best idea as a valentine’s gift? Because I would rather do anything else but be photographed», then think about your loved one. Think about their interests. Perhaps your couple would love to have a spicy Boudoir photoshoot alone, which might be a delight for you to receive afterward. 😉 And we can prepare a beautiful tangible gift for you.

In any case La Gallarda photoshoots are always a great idea as a surprising gift!